Weaving the Tapestry

Indigo Studios / Starving Artists is a home without walls; a wish for something that isn’t quite there; a longing for something more but you don’t know quite what. That itch for something that has no name, no face or no geography, but you’ll know it when you see it.

This is an art site, with, for and by artists.

Expanded Mission Statement

Indigo Studios is a tapestry of the language of the .heart. .shadow. .mind. .soul. Each artist is a thread in a network that supports us all.  We do not work for exposure. Our work is worth our living. This is our exposure.  We weave together by word of mouth on every cord we braid by working together.  To do this, share each other’s work.  Share everything you see.  Indigo studios wants to change the face of exposure. Artists work to live, not for good word. We help each other, build each other up and the eyes on our stuff will give us to avenues to make profit the way we should – with our talent. Promote. Expose. Seek. Sew. Reap.  Revenue is a natural result to exposure, and spreading the word of each other’s talent is by far more respectful of one’s effort than a client copping out by paying us with what amounts to nothing in exchange for naught but good word.

Our efforts deserve more.

This is our exposure.  This is where we meet.  A home away from home for the words from places in us that have no words. There is no need to starve.  We have each other.

Welcome to Indigo.Studios


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